What is kickboxing?
Kick-Boxing has been created in the early seventies, by mixing foot techniques from Karate and fist techniques from boxing. There are four different types of combat competitions: Semi-Contact, Light-Contact, Full-Contact and Low-Kick. All these systems are the same world wide.

Kickboxing is:
  • a combat sport: we use feet and fist obeying precise rules.

  • a true sport: technical knowledge, a good physical condition, tactical intelligence, ethic qualities, agility and a lot of will are required.

  • a safe sport: to minimise the risk of injury the competitors are forced to wear protection for feet and head, shin guards, safety gloves, mouth guards, groin guards for men and Chest protection for women.

  • a modern sport: developed following the latest knowledge in sports medicine and still open to innovation and research.

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