Master Javad Azadian with his Self Defence Trainer Kyoshi Rob Gear Former Director of International Close Quarter Combat Federation

The International Close Quarter Combat and the Unarmed Combat Federation is designed for all martial artists from all systems both traditional and free style, individuals and groups, security’s military and police or just notice who wish to join. It is unique international organization which offers more than just a membership card. If you wish to belong to an organization and still remain independent to your own individual systems then look no further.

We have organized an exclusive team of highly skilled professionals in their fields of expertise available to enhance the vital skills necessary to expertly introduce the federation programs.
Our exclusive instructor team (Kyoshi Rob Gear) has a varied and vast amount of practical operational experience having a history of United Nations, Police, Military and Martial Arts combined with some of the finest extensive training and teaching qualifications, he is considered as the father of Close Quarter Combat and one of the most highly regarded Close Quarter Combat masters in the world today.
These qualifications include coaching, martial arts, physical training, working with children and first aid accreditation whilst emphasizing the strictness of service, discretion and integrity.
The International Close Quarter Combat Federation and the Unarmed Combat Federation intensifies the focus of these talents for the purpose of training to the highest quality.


Within the International Close Quarter Combat Federation we have programs designed to suit your schedule and life style, the International Close Quarter Combat Federation has it all.
Our business is to analyze violence and to develop plans and strategies to lesson or eliminate danger. As professionals committed to developing improved safety techniques, we constantly look for and try new ideas and options that will effectively get that job done for our members.
Our programs that are based on a simple, proven syllabus of street effective self defense techniques, adapted to suit the individual who has to use these skills under stress in real situations, independent of age, gender, size, strength or athletic ability.
For what ever reason you were originally attracted to the International Close Quarter Combat Federation you will discover a dimensional experience achieving a high standard of proficiency in your Martial Skill and fighting spirit.
The Federation, a first in its kind has developed courses, seminars and full time training on an international level. It is aimed to provide members who wish to expand their knowledge and skills beyond the basic realm of just punching, kicking and grappling to a more in depth Scientific step by step approach utilizing the application if self defense in a realistic combat situation.
The Reality Based training addressed by the Federation is the gap in reality between the most realistic levels and intensity of training or battle field combat. This gap exists because within the parameters of safety it is impossible to simulate a real scenario with 100% accuracy.

Benefits of membership

Membership has it’s privileges. When you become a member of the International Close Quarter Combat Federation, you will receive the option of a fantastic range of only benefits.
When you join the ICQC Federation, you will receive the following:
• Membership certificate
• Membership badge
• Monthly email newsletter
• Members only prices on the only on the monthly technique pictorials
• Discounts on all approved seminars
• Discounts on all approved courses
• Discounts on distance education courses

Then you can enjoy all the benefits the International Close Quarter Combat Federation can offer you both now and in the future.

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