Head Instructor

Master Jay Javad Azadian
Chairman and founder of I.K.K .Academy

Master Jay Javad Azadian Former World Champion in full contact karate and kickboxing, Master Azadian has over 25 years experience in martial arts, with over 16 years professional instructing martial arts, Master Azadian is very well known in the international martial arts community, master Azadian trains and Managing Many instructors, Black belt's and full contact fighters. Master Javad loving his sport, and working very hard for sport of kickboxing. His enjoying to help all his students for every day achievements . On the past 15 years many international French,English and Persian T.V's, Radio's, Sport Magazine's and Newspapers Had Article's and interview's about Master Jay Javad Azadian .

Master Javad with World ECKA president Master Dev Barrett

Master Javad receive his UK representative and CQC Instructor Certificates by Kyoshi Rob Gear Director of Training the International Close Quarter Combat Federation .
Master Javad with his old brother Master Asgar Azadian Asian ECKA President
Master Javad Receive His Master Degree of sport kickboxing From World WFKKO President Master Chris Janson - Piers

Master Javad with Australian ISKA President Master Paul Zadro.

Master Javad with World WPKA president Master George Thoktaridis

Following some of Master Jay Javad Azadian Achievment's :
  • Qualified Fitness Australia Personal Trainer
  • Australian ISKA Full Contact Karate National Coach
  • Qualified Instructor Self defence and Close Quarter Combat by (ICQCF)
  • WPKA Kickboxing World Administration Member
  • ECKA Kickboxing World Administration Member
  • ECKA Kickboxing Asian Administration Member
  • WKBF - WFKKO International Representative
  • Qualified EKGB (English Karate Governing Body) Instructor
  • First aid qualified .
  • President of Oceania WPKA/ECKA (Karate, Kickboxing)
  • Black Belt 6th Dan ECKA (Full Contact Karate)
  • Former New Zealand And England ECKA, ISKA Full Contact Karate Coach
  • International Karate/Kickboxing Judge and Referee
  • Chairman of WPKA World Organizing Committee (WOC)
  • Competes internationally under the following federations; ECKA, WKA, ITKO, ISKA, EKBF, NCFCA, CCP, IKKC, WAKO, ASKA, NZSKF, WKBF, EKGB, WPKA

World Champion Jay Javad Azadian won His International Professional title aginst World Champion Grant Barker By K.O !

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